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Alfia from Sarapul

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Alfia My Wiki Page


Education of Future , think about it now


My name is Alfia Mironova . I live in Russian small town Sarapul near the Urals. I work at the linguistic gymnasia as a teacher of English at elementary, intermediate and upper-intermediate levels. I also give classes of the country-study of Australia. Last yearI have done a PowerPoint presentation on differents subjects, this year I want to learn how to use such webtools as wiki, blog and personal webpage to publish materials and to check assignments of my students.



Check assignments, course calendar, and teacher office hours here.


Outside Resources

CCH Tax Research Network

U.S. Collection Agency

Comments (2)

Moira Hunter said

at 10:51 pm on Jan 16, 2007

Hi Alfia,

Have you tried making tables here? Just go into "edit" mode on someone's page who has put tables and you will see how it is done. Then copy/paste here and hey presto, you have your first table :-)

Anonymous said

at 1:46 am on Jan 25, 2007

Hi Alfia,
How much fun to be working with folks from around the world. I have always wanted to visit Russia, bu never got the chance.

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