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Blended Learning


Answers to "Week 6 questions"

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1. What is "blended learning"?

As I understand blended learning, it refers to delivery of course content via a combination of face-to-face teaching/learning and online teaching/learning. Another term used to refer to the same kind of mixture of F2F and online teaching/learning is hybrid class. The ideal in a blended-learning class is balanced delivery of content via F2F and online activities. Courses in which content is delivered F2F but in which the WWW is also used extensively for enrichment/supplemental materials are sometimes referred to as Web-enhanced. (posted by Dennis in Phoenix, 1-23-07)

2. Bearing in mind your student population, do you plan to introduce blended learning to them? If so, what activities will you start out with?

I introduced blended learning to my students two years ago. I began with an introduction of the course, text, and myself and then asked each student to introduce herself/himself; I also took digital photos of the students to use in making a class gallery and to help me in matching faces and names. I continued the introduction with an orientation to logging on to my school's network and to Blackboard (the course-delivery system the school uses). I then randomly assigned pairs of students and asked each student to post at least three questions for his/her partner to answer and to post answers to questions directed to her/him. (posted by Dennis in Phoenix, 1-23-07)

3. Which of the tools that you've explored in BaW-07 do you consider more appropriate for those activities and how will they be used?

In introductions, I've found that discussion forums, blogs (including audioblogs and photoblogs), podcasts, and websites can all be used effectively and appropriately. I've used discussion forums, blogs, and podcasts to foster community building, student engagement, and practical application of course material. I also provide students with links to websites that supplement the content of the textbook. (posted by Dennis in Phoenix, 1-23-07)

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