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What are we talking about apart from academic and techie stuff? ;-)



Global Flu Cook Book


Check the cartoonBy Hala



France from Moira



Siberia, Russia from Vera Bobkova

Mix a cup of boiling milk, a tea spoon of baking soda and some

tea spoons of honey. Drink this all and go to bed.

Take some potatoes, boil them without peeling them. Cover

yourself with a warm blanket, take the bowl with cooked potatoes and

breeze in the steam. Breeze in with your mouth and breeze out with

your nose. Repeat if necessary.Some people don't believe in it, but it works.

A Private recipe**: Make your favorite hot drink, take your favorite magazine or put on your favorite movie, or music or whatever you like the most, and enjoy it being in bed. Pamper yourself by doing the things you've

always wanted to do but never had the time to do. Do your nails, try a

*new make-up, make yourself a face massage if you are a female... Just

totally relax for 24 hours and there's no flu!


Brazil from Jose Antonio da Silva

Brew a tea. In this tea you should put a lemon cut into for parts (like a cross) some pieces of ginger, some garlic and pieces of cinnamon using the husks . Of course you can a cold medicine tablet with it. winter recipe.

Brazil from Monica

Jose's recipe is the same as my grandmother's and it really works (at least it did when I was a little girl)! I've been trying a new version for some time, taking out the garlic and adding some

cognac - and it still works like magic!


Iran from Rafieh Novotny

Honey to add to your ginger, garlic and lemon tea. It works for me and my family Don't worry too much about the smell of garlic because when you've got the flu, nobody is going to come close to you! Honey to cure and sooth a sore throat if you gurgle it


Portugal from Cristina Costa

A grandpa recipe which used to work for him is: drink hot lemon (peel) tea with honey and then go to bed.

Portugal from Teresa Almeida d'Eça

A very hot cup of milk with lots of honey.

A shot of whisky in a very hot tea and then straight to bed would certainly work

Portugal from Liliana Ferreira

A tea spoon of rum and a spoonfull of honey, mix it very well until it's liquified, take it and go straight to bed. To help you breed better, cut the newer branches of a eucalyptus tree and boil the leaves. Pour the water with the leaves into a basin and take it to bed. Cover yourself with the blanket and inhale the steam for as long as you can take. Don't get out of bed after this! Also, be careful not to wet the bed :)


Turkey from Derya kulavuzd

Boil dry mint leaves and some slices of lemon in some

water. But what works best for me is the medicine "Tylol Hot" sold in

pharmacies, which you also put into hot, boiling water and drink. However, while breastfeeding Derya recommends to wait for the flu to leave alone.

Venezuela from Dafne

A ginger tea (use the root not the powder).


A General Turkish Advice to Stay Healthy

There are two things to eat to stay healthy: garlic and lemon.


A General Sudanese Advice for Prevention of Flu

Take a spoon full of bee honey first thing in the morning.

Chrissan from Sweden


A double whisky, a good book and bed at least make you more comfortable, if not cured;-)


Kazakhstan from Gary Harwell

Home Version

Rub Vodka on the chest and Back

Rub Vodka on a sheet of Plastic and place on chest

Put on a T-Shirt

Wrap a towel around back and shoulders

Put on sweater

Finish off the Bottle of Vodka doing shots with a friend

I'm Angeles from Mexico. One of the remedies my moher used to give us was a hot milk cup. She adds some garlic to the milk and it was really disgusting to eat it (XD) but effective!!!!. I do something different with my children. I give them a hot cinnamon and hot milk cup and prepares for them an onion soup, too. They like both remedies and get well quickly. Hope you like these sugestions.


Portugal from Susana Araújo

Aguardente queimada

Hi everybody :-)

I’m glad we have a wiki to share our cultural differences and “cuisine” secrets.

You asked for a whisky remedy? Well, I know this recipe from when I was a child. My father prepared it and we took it all four (mum, dad, my sister and I). Here it is:

1. put a plate on a table (choose an old one!)

2. fill it’s bottom with “aguardente” (I don’t know how to say this in English, but it looks like whisky)

3. light up a match and burn the “aguardente” in the plate

4. while it is burning, make circular movements with a spoon to help the process

5. don’t worry! the little fire extinguishes quickly

6. have your burnt “aguardente” remedy with a spoon. Don’t wait until it gets cold! Take it very hot. Huuummm, it’s so good ;-) and hot.

Maybe this was how I learnt to appreciate a nice glass of Port Wine ;-)


Language Note: “Aguardente” is a Portuguese compound noun with this equivalent meaning in English – burning water?. It results from a fermentation and distillation process of wine grapes (similar to the French cognac).


Hope you try it and let me know how it went,

Hughs to all of U



Butter and hot milk


My little contibution to the Flu home remedies around the world page.

In fact, this is a remedy for coughing.



.- A mug of very hot milk.

.- A coffeespoon of butter

.- Honey


.-. Mix everything and that's it. Drink it before going to bed.


I know you may frown at the taste, but my kids used to ask for it at nights when they got the flu.


_Language-cultural note regarding "Aguardente"_ I think it's called "Rum" in English(if it's similar to whisky). Here in Venezuela, we have "Aguardiente" but it is transparent, similar to cachaza in Brazil (and of course the brown "Ron"- Rum)


Hope it's good for you.

Nahir Aparicio.





Kazakhstan Vodka

When in Kazakhstan I got the Flu once and this remedy seemed to work wonders.


My Girlfriend rubbed Vodka on my back and chest. Then she put some vodka on a sheet of plastic and put it on my chest and I put on a T-Shirt. Then a Towel on my shoulders and a sweater on top of that. At that point we proceeded to finish the bottle of Vodka. It worked and I felt great and never had any more symptoms.



I was in an Adult Beverge Establishment and a guy I knew put a teaspoon of Black Pepper in a shot of Vodka and stirred it and down it went. He went home, took a hot shower and came back with no symptoms.


I guess Vodka is a cure or evrything. It's not very popular in Saudi Arabia but it works.


Gary l. Harwell

International House

Jubail, Saudi Arabia



Cafe Version

Put a spoonful of Black Pepper in a shot of Vodka and stir

Down the hatch





Also about the past flu problem I think onion is a good solution. Thirteen years ago there was a great flu attack in Ankara and all of my friends were ill. I was the only one who didn't catch it but back then I was eating one onion a day! Call me a psycho!! :)


Also regular exercise and regular vitamin cure is great if you don't want to catch flu! Well, that's all from me about flu problem.

Kağan Sütçü

İstanbul, Türkiye



BaW Map visitors


On Jan 27, almost the end of week 2, we have reached 260 participants :-)

On the map below you can see the places from where our wiki is being accessed:


Graduation Party Gifts

Graduation Day is a party day!!

Bring your gift and come to celebrate!!

Do not forget to mention your country, your name and post a line or two about your gift!

Gifts can be drinks, food, paintings, poems, audio, video, a pet,etc.

We love gifts!!



From Sudan-Hala Fawzi

Karkadeh Juice for all participants!

It is a very well know herb in Sudan. Karkadeh is also known as Hibiscus sabdariffa.Rich in pectin and citric acid,

its medicinal properties can lower blood pressure, it is highly recommended for people who have high blood pressure,

aid digestion and kidney function, and to treat colds, fever and congestion

Karkadeh can be served as hot and cold drink.



What a delicious, healthy gift!

This seems to be the same drink that is known as Agua de Jamaica ('Jamaica Water' / 'Hibiscus Water') in México.

The plant is definitely the same: see this link.


Dennis in Phoenix


What a great lesson that will be for my students,Dennis!

It is really interesting to know all these names for one plant, one use!





I thought exactly the same thing, Hala! I hope the information is useful.





A Folk Tea from the South-Central U.S. (by way of Arizona!)


Here's sassafras tea to go with Hala's karkadeh juice.

Both of my grandmothers made this tea, but always hot, never iced. They

also served it only during the springtime as a blood thinner. It's made from

the roots of young sassafras trees.


And Some Wild Hickory Nut Cake


With the sassafras tea, we'll have hickory nut cake.

My mother used to make it when I was a child; its most important ingredient

was wild hickory nuts (which are something like English walnuts but smaller

and sweeter). It looked like this, but the recipe was more like this one.


Dennis in Phoenix

Lobster from Maine

Maine lobster are the best - and the winter clams can't be beat.


Pisco Sour from Peru


Pisco Sour is a cocktail made of Pisco (a regional brandy made of Quebranta or Muscat grapes), lemon, egg whites, simple syrup, and Angostura bitter.


Love from Ana Rivas


Can I be our Dj? Here's a very special SONG FOR YOU...



Do you know this song? I made some arrangements to the lyrics and here's the final result.

If you don't know the song, you may hear the original here and try to figure out my arrangements:

Sunshine Band


I need you


BaWers, I need you so

I want you to know

That I'm going to miss your support

The minute you walk out my PC


So please don't go

Don't go

Don't go away

Please don't go

Don't go

I'm begging you to stay

If you leave

At least in my lifetime

I've had one dream come true

I was blessed to be guided

By someone as wonderful as you


Hey, hey, hey


BaWers, I need you so

I, I want you to know

That I'm going to miss your presence

The minute you walk out my PC

So please don't go

Don't go

Don't go away

Hey, hey, hey

I need your guidance

I'm down on my knees

Beggin' please, please, please

Don't go

Don't you hear me BaWers

please don't go

Don't leave me now

Oh, no, no, no, no

Please don't go

I want you to know

That I, I, I, miss you so

Don't leave me BaWers

Please don't go


...and a CYBERPET for you

Choose here


Have you met Cecil the Pencil and Rubbi the Rubber, my two classroom pets?

Meet them here!


...and I JUST CAN'T GET ENOUGH...here's another song We like to party to be with U

...another song It's my Party!


With love, from Susana Araújo, Portugal





Have asado and wine from Argentina!




Dear Bawers


I have been thinking what to bring for this party ... I would like to offer "heart" as Mercedes Sosa sings ... offer it to so friendly and warm people...I also would like to bring asado (our local dish). Have a look at: Asado and some good wine.


Moira asked for chocolate cake, but I am not good at cooking sweet things.


Love, Nelba from Argentina








Have mariachis and tekila and pan de cazòn from Mèxico :)


I'm AngelesB from Mèxico and these are my gifts



This is the famous "Pan de Cazon" from Campeche



I was looking for something special for BAWERs so I would like to bring a Mariachis Band, some tekila for making shots In the party XD and a traditional dish from my state, Campeche. it is called "Pan de Cazòn" and it's made of tortillas, black beans and cazon (shark) with a lot of tomato sauce and some chili habanero XD



Cheers (José from Brazil)


Caipirinha is our national drink. It is delicious. You can prepare it with cachaça or vodka.

2 teaspoons granulated sugar

1 lime, cut into wedges

2 to 2 1/2 ounces cachaça (Brazilian brandy made from sugar cane)

Place lime wedges in old-fashioned or small highball glass. Add sugar and muddle it into the lime wedges. Pour in cachaça and stir. Add crushed ice and stir well.





Serves 1.



Since we are into typical food, I'm bringing

With all my love, Vicky Saumell.

Some feijoada from Brazil


Well, our graduation should be a little before lunch time in Brazil, so here's some feijoada, a typlically Brazilian dish made of black beans (feijão) and pork. It's del.icio.us, but if you have it for lunch, you'll need nothing else for the rest of the day!


And some Brazilian music too!

It is Brazilian music but it's not samba nor bossa. It's FUNK! That's right, this guy - Ed Motta - is one of the greatest singers/musicians in my country - he says his inspiration if from Earth, Wind and Fire! If you would like to listen to some of Ed Motta's greates hits, you can download my favorite CD from him at http://tinyurl.com/23228n.


ps: I wonder why this picture of Ed Motta had already been uploaded to our wiki files...


Hope you like my gifts,






Cool! I'd like some glasses like that! Moira



In England at the end of children's parties the kids all go away with a "goody bag" (is it the same in other countries?). Well, I'll bring the goody bags (unless you'd like me to bring some English food or fresh rainwater - lots of it). In the goody bags you will find:


a foam wedge cushion for keeping good posture while at your computer

a gel-filled wrist-rest for preventing carpel tunnel syndrome

a big present for your partner/family/friends who haven't seen much of you recently

a book on face-to-face communication skills (cos you've probably forgotten how)

a special keyboard with an extra button that gives you a direct link to the Webheads whenever you have a problem

a special brain implant to help you memorise passwords and everything you've learnt on this coursea

a seat on a new World Parliament for each of you (if BaWers ruled the world- just imagine what a nicer place it'd be)

a reusable hug (just get it out of the box whenever you're in need)

a bucket of rainwater from England (no,no, I insist, I know this last gift is perhaps over-generous but since it seems to have rained here non-stop since BaW07 started I feel I should share it with you)


And (for moderators and thread people only) a holiday in the destination of your choice (Dubai, Moira?), you deserve it.




Well Johanna,

I looooove your(our) goody bag!!

It is the same here is Sudan in kids' parties!

I wish I could have the keyboard and the brain implant!

Thanks. I will take mine at tthe party( bring extra ones just in case)


Now, now, Hala, don't be greedy - just one bag each!(Johanna)

Mole and Enchiladas Potosinas from Mexico.


Mole on top of the Enchiladas of course




Enchiladas Potosinas with cream

To view more about the Enchiladas Potosinas check the link, the English version is still under construction!

http://www.enchiladaspotosinassupremas.com/ They are delicious and very easy to prepare, you just need to fry them or use the microwave and that is all!

That is if, like me , you go and buy them there but if you want a recipe in English visit http://www.roadfood.com/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=16784

At the Spanish version link you will see the famous 'Caja del Agua' it is San Luis Potosí symbol - my home town- wherever I see it I feel transported home... Btw, I have a wooden replica in my Toluca house. You wil see it when you come to visit. Mi casa es su casa.

Love: Maru


I almost forget to bring my pet! Thanks for the link Moira.

Here come babies as gifts from Ukraine.



And no party without cake in Ukraine!

I hope you'll enjoy this cake.

Lots of love,

Nina Lyulkun

graduation gifts


...an ice sculpture for our garden (especially for Hala in warm Sudan)

This is what you would have seen if you had been wandering around Tallinn with me yesterday (Independence Day here in Estonia).



...and here is the Live Entertainment for our party!!!


(if you have trouble seeing the clip, do a search for "Amazing Juggling Finale" (Google Video)


Happy graduation, everybody!!!

with hugs from SusanW


PS If I am late arriving at the party, please make my pet feel at home. He will be happy to answer any personal questions if you feed him first. Here are his favorites:

Why are you green?

What are you doing in Estonia?

How did you get there?

(If you don't speak penguin, I will be happy to translate!)



What should a librarian bring? A book of course! This one, by beloved Dr. Seuss, has become a classic graduation gift in the U.S.


Click here if you would like for me to read the book to you!


In Dr. Seuss' words at the end of the book:



be your name Buxbaum or Bixby or Bray

or Mordecai Ali Allen O'Shea,

you're off to Great Places!

Today is your day!

Your mountain is waiting.

So...get on your way!"


With much love and gratitude I cheer us all on...

Sarah Braxton


It's time for more Argentinian food!


Since now you all know what mate is thanks to Mabel,I brought some "facturas con dulce de leche". Some of them are similar to "croissants" but a bit smaller and they are filled with sweet milk caramel. It just reminds me of the sweetness in this group. Thank you all for this fantastic experience!!! Carla Raguseo


Now that the Graduation Party is over, I can add my little gift to this list ;-)


First, the music I love "Power to the People" which is what this Digital Age is all about!

Here, Black Eyed Peas interpret John Lennon's orginal song for Amnesty International




And a little something to print :-)



Stand far away and you'll see (I hope) what it is ;-)



Thank you all for making this BaW07 very special!



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