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Susan Wood

Hello from Estonia! My friends usually call me Sue (or some variation of that!). I'm a Canadian EFL teacher, currently teaching adults at ILS (International Language Services) in Tallinn. Yahoo ID: mswoodca. Previously I taught in Costa Rica, so I am finding my first winter in Tallinn different and interesting. Although we don't use computers in our classes, all of my students are on the 'net at home so there is tremendous potential for on-line collaborative learning. I'm largely self-taught in IT and am delighted to participate a workshop with teachers from all over the world! I'm hoping to learn enough to share these skills/resources with my colleagues.


Doris Tsueyling Wu

I live in Taiwan. My Yahoo ID is:doris21.wu. I teach English as a Foreign Language in National Fenghsin Senior High School. Currently, I also work as Dean of Students Affairs. My school is located in Kaohsiung area in the southern part of Taiwan. Kaohsiung is the second biggest city. In 2009, the city will host World Games. Since 2001, I have begun to intergrated ICT into my teaching and gained a lot from it! Because of this, I also join iEARN online community, helping my students doing international PBL projects with international partners. Meanwhile, by participating in online professional development courses, I have always felt updated with the times.From participating these days so far, I truly believe that I can learn from you a lot!


Monica Aparicio

your photo Hi! I'm an EFL teacher from Argentina. I'm DOS of a private language school and teacher trainer. Besides, I work as an online teacher and teacher trainer. Yahoo ID: Monicaaparicio2002 I'm excited to be participating in this workshop I joined this session because I believe there's so much going on in technology that I like to be up to date ( if that is ever possible these days...) and share ideas.


Nina Liakos

Hello fellow webheads and webheads-to-be! I work at the University of Maryland, College Park (Maryland, USA). My Yahoo ID is nina_liakos. I teach ESL to international students at MEI, and I also teach a class for adult immigrants at English House in Gaithersburg, MD. I participated in BaW06, but everything was so new then that I couldn't absorb all of it, so I want to take BaW07 to continue my exploration of cybertools for teaching and fun!


Nahir  Aparicio

Hello Bawpals! I work at Caracas Teacher Training College I teach at a pedagogical university to future teachers of English. My main courses are those related to Linguistics. I also registered for Baw06, but I felt it was too much for me, a newbie in the world of computers and the web.


Anne Fowles

Hi! I work in a private language school called the Oxford English Centre, England. My Yahoo ID is vafowles I teach general English and examination classes, but am also involved with teacher training to those teaching adults and juniors. I am particularly interested in this course in order to keep up with the latest technology and explore how this can be used in the classroom


Carla Arena

I was working for a Binational Center, Casa Thomas Jefferson, in Brasilia, Brazil. Now, I´m moving to Key West, Florida for two years and still don´t know what the future holds for me!!! My Yahoo ID is carlaarena I´m a curious EFL teacher and teacher trainer who loves to explore new possibilities and make connections that will somehow impact on the way my students learn and on my own development as a professional and human being. That´s why I love to explore e-tools!I was part of BaW06 and I´m proud to say that I´m a Webhead. I´m here once again because you´ll see how addictive it can be! Teresa and Dafne have special e-skills to involve us, so I´m always learning with them and the participants. I´m also part of the Blogging Team, another EVO session. I´m sure we´ll have great fun together!


Keiko Inouye

add your photo here Hi. My place of work is Tokyo, Japan. My Yahoo ID is kinouye14 I teach English at college in Tokyo and I am also involved in programs for junior high school students who will go to American schools in the United States. I would like to explore new tools using the latest technology and how to utilize these tools in my classes.



I work at Star School in central Texas. We are a 1A school and have just about 70 students K-12. Yahoo id: proteacher. It was supposed to be prospecting teacher but it accidentally got shorten in registering and since then it has just been proteacher. I teach business classes and tech applications in grades 6-12. I joined this session to learn more about using the internet in my classes. I hav been reading about the new on line applications and decided that I needed to learn how to use them both as a teacher and to help my students be prepared for the world beyond.


Imad Talbi

add your photo here I work at the Institute of applied technology In Abu Dhabi, UAE My job is academic coordinator. I work on curriculum development and teacher training. I'm very enthusiatic about this training because it will help me work with the IAT staff on implementing online applications in our instruction.


Penny Lundquist

add your photo here I work for a nonprofit education foundation - the Golden Apple Foundation for Excellence in Teaching - in Chicago, Illinois, USA. My Yahoo ID is sargesdaughter22. I help create programs for teacher professional development and hope to join the 21st century through this workshop, so that my organization can incorporate this new technology in the work we do with teachers. We are currently developing a web based community and also a teaching excellence center for face to face professional development.


Horacio Idárraga Gil

add your photo here I live in Guacara, estado Carabobo in Venezuela. I help students as a tutor at FUNDAUC in Guacara and give English classes as a free lancer. Yahoo ID: Hello, friends. I am a 73 retired teacher. I joined baw06 one year ago. At that timeI had not been able to write this information. That´s why I joined again in order to see what more I can larn. Besides that, now I have a lot of good friends all around the world. I hope all of you be patients with me, because I am not very skillful online. My best wishes for all of you.


Maurice Claypole

Although I am from the UK originally, I have been living and teaching in Germany for over 20 years. My Yahoo ID is MauriceClaypole. I run a private language school, teaching mainly English to adults in a business/technical context. I have a special interest in blended learning and for selected groups we offer online lessons to support face-to-face teaching. I joined this group in order to learn and share.


Poppy O'Guin Steele

I work for Volunteer State Community College in Tennessee, USA. My Yahoo ID is poppy4girls I am an academic support specialist, helping students succeed in college. This session will enable me to meet the needs of the students in a changing world of education. I want to use the tools from 'baw' to enrich the students' classroom experiences through learning communities.


Dennis Oliver

I currently work at Estrella Mountain Community College ( in Avondale, a western suburb of Phoenix, Arizona in the southwestern U.S., but at the moment I'm on medical leave from my classes

My Yahoo I.D. is doliver_phoenix.

I've been professionally involved in ESL as a teacher, materials developer, teacher trainer, textbook editor, and administrator for over 30 years. At EMCC, my classes are in ESL and developmental English. I joined this session because I greatly admire the skill Dafne and Teresa display as course facilitators, because I've found that being part of the Webheads is a wonderful way to learn more about technology from members of a vibrant, friendly, supportive online community of practice, and because I see this workshop as a way to extend my network of colleagues and friends


Jane Petring

I teach ESL at Collège Édouard-Montpetit near Montreal, Quebec. My Yahoo I.D. is want2no7 I took my first baw course in 2004 and love the learning with this wonderful community


Nina Lyulkun

I came from the Far East of Russia, but have been living in another side of the former USSR - Ukraine - all my adult life. I teach English for students majoring in economics at National University in Khmelnitskiy city. My Yahoo ID: nagora. Since 1998 (when the Internet access became available at our university) I have been involved into different international projects. I am interested in blended learning. We offer our students online courses created in Moodle platform for their autonomous learning. I have a hope to enrich my knowledge outfit with new latest online technologies and implement them to my classes.


Juliana Maria Cristiano Gense

I am Juliana Gense, from Brazil, but you can call me Ju or Ju Gense. I work for CNA a language institute as a Coordinator, and also as a professor of English Language at a university of my city. So, I am responsible for helping the students and teachers in the learning process at CNA and also preparing classes and projects at the university.What calls my attention is specially the relations between learners and teacher and how does it affect learning in the virtual environment.


Nelba Quintana

I live in La Plata, Argentina, South America. I work at the school of Languages of the National University of La Plata and at the British Institute of my city. I am also a Spanish<>English translator. My Yahoo ID is I have been always interested in computing because I think it is a fantastic tool for working, studying,having fun and meeting interesting people. I joined this session because Dafne has invited me. I have known her for about 4 years and I know what she does or recommends is first class! I hope we will be able to learn a lot, share our experiences and make new friends.


Sheryl Sherwin

I live in Washington DC. I work at the Carlos Rosario Public Charter School. My yahoo ID is I'm an ESL teacher at the school. I've worked there for 8 years and I absolutely love it. I joined this session because I think the world is passing me by through the web and I know nothing. I want to be more aware of what's out there and I want to be able to use this knowledge in the classroom with my students.


Pranita Gopal

I live and work in New Delhi, India. My yahoo ID is hi_pranita As a teacher educator, I am trying to make my teachers aware of the technological advancement that has taken place vis a vis education per se, I wanted to join this session, because what I learn here would help in my daily classroom activities.


Thilaga Joseph

your photo here I live in Chennai, India and I teach English Language and Literature at Stella Maris College. My ID is I teach ESL and ELT and as students are very interested in learning through computors and as I am in charge of the language lab, Ihave joned this group


Julia Yatsenko

I live in Rostov-on-Don, the South of Russia. I work at Pedagogical University, I teach English Phonetics for future EFL teachers. My Yahoo ID is jy211079 I took part in BaW-06, learnt a lot and met so many interesting people! That was really unforgettable experience! Thanks to that group, moderators and coordinators I was able to organize a new section in annual students' conference - IT in EFL teaching. I joined this session as I'd like to enrich my knowledge in using WEb 2 tools in class (I'm trying to use Audacity, Blogs and Podcasts). Besides learning with this community is always fun


Georgios Vlasios Kormpas

Hello, my name is Georgios-Vlasios Kormpas but I prefer to be called Jorge as I like Spanish culture and language (I don't speak very well but I am still learning). I live in Greece, work at the Hellenic American Union at the moment as a research assistant to the Center of Applied Linguistics and Language Studies as well as at a private language school in the Athens and Pireus areas. My yahoo ID is gorgy_7_ I currently study at the MA in TESOL at Saint Michael's College and I am doing a CALL course (Computer Assisted Language Learning)as well as the Principles and Practices of Online Teaching Certificate Program. I joined this session because I think it is going to be of help to my further career as a teacher and foremost an online one.


Erica Hoffman

your photo here My name is Erica Hoffman. I work at Sabanci University in Istanbul, Turkey. My Yahoo ID is ericahoffman2002. I prepare new entry students to enter the university. I am also the coordinator of online learning which means I maintain WebCT for the courses we offer, and, among other projects, I am working to make podcasts a mainstream tool to improve students’ listening skills. While “attending” this workshop, I will be taking my final master’s class. I am getting a degree in Educational Technology from George Washington University. I saved the most difficult class for last, so my attendance may be sporadic. I am enthusiastic to learn about new Web tools that I can possibly implement with my students and train other teachers how to use.


Carolina Lapointe

I live in Ilo,a small fishing town in the south of Perú, where I work in a private English Institute. My husband Michel is Canadian and an English teacher as well. My Yahoo ID is carolapointe I teach English to adults and teenagers. Currently, I'm registered in an online Ma in TEFL in Universidad de Piura and Fundación Universitaria Iberoamericana that will last two years so I hope I'll have enough time to cope with all what I've planned to do this year. The main reason I've joined this workshop is that I strongly believe in Internet tools as a means for teaching and learning languages.



Jennifer Verschoor

I live in Buenos, Aires, Argentina. I am an ESL teacher and Professor. I also studied translation and in one month will be defending my Master´s degree thesis on Charter Schools. I work in a private school as a CALL coordinator. I teach Business English in companies. My Yahoo ID is jenverschoor I love to learn new ways of teaching and since 2004 I have been incorporating e-tools into my classroom. I know that being a member of BaW-07 will enrich my knowledge of e-tools and I will be able lo learn a lot from this great online community!


Alice Barr

I live in Kennebunkport, Maine, USA. I have taught in Colombia, Somalia, and Bangladesh. My Yahoo ID is alice_barr I am the Instructional Technology Integrator for a high school. I am very interested in web tools because I work with teachers integrating technology with their classroom practice. I also look forward to working with an international community!



I live in Brasília, Brazil. I work for a public school as an ESL teacher. My yahoo ID is dranassela, that's my name with the letters on the contrary. I'm eager for learning different interesting ways of teaching and making my students enjoy learning.


Jose Antonio da Silva

I am currently living in Brasilia, I work at a binational language center, my Yahoo ID is joseaokc I have been working as an EFL teacher for almost 20 years> I have joined this session because I love using web tools in my class and would like to learn more about them and share with my fellow teachers and students



I am originally from Venezuela but currently in sabbatical at the University of Toronto for a year. I work at Universidad Simon Bolivar, Caracas, where I teach EFL/EST reading. My Yahoo ID is bleiva2003 This is my third year in BaW, a wonderful session led by Daf, Tere and co-moderators where there is always so much to learn from them and from participants from all over the world each year. It is great to be here again


Ehsan Amini

I live and work in Tehran, Iran. At present I work as a freelance private tutor, but previously I was an EFL instructor & HD at the Foreign Languages Department of an Academic/Research Center. I have been teaching mainly General English conversation as well as some Advanced Reading Courses for the past 8 years. My Yahoo! IDs are fundamentalparticle & drei_141592653589793238462643383. Now I am busy setting up a site for English learners, teachers, administrators and researchers, and I regard this as a fantastic opportunity to expand my knowledge & experience and develop my skills in using the net. It's my first time at BAW and I'm very excited about it. Looking forward to making the acquaintance of so many wonderful people from around the world.


Susan Ryan

Hi Everyone, My name is Susan Ryan and I work at the Carlos Rosario Charter School in Washington DC with Sheryl (above). I have lived in Washington DC for exactly one year and I love living here. My yahoo ID is I currently teach computer skills to adult ESL learners. In this group I would like to learn more about blogging and how to use skype and webcams. However, I mostly excited about meeting other ESL teachers who want to use the WWW to teach and connect! PS.I did not intend to upload such a large photo. Any advice?


Martina Schubert

Hello everybody. My name is Martina Schubert. I live in Berlin, Germany. Work with a foreign trade company. My Yahoo ID is maxie56de. I am fascinated by the internet and new technologies and love to experiment how they can be used for language learning. I work with a foreign trade company, but my leisure time is dedicated to e-learning and internet. I always love to try new things, looking for new approaches to language learning (German) and creating of learning materials (German). Exercises just the way how I would love them from my own learner's point of view. Concerning English, I am on the students' side, but I think that anything what will be discussed here is applicable also for teaching other languages. So I am looking forward to learn with and from you!


Sasha Sirk

Hi everybody. I come from Nova Gorica, Slovenia. I work at Tehnicni solski center in Nova Gorica. My Yahoo ID is sasasirk. I'm an EFL teacher interested in learning about e-tools and ideas how to use them in classroom.I'd like to meet other educators and maybe find partners and ideas for interesting international projects.



Hi there! I live in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and work at a language school called Cultura Inglesa. My Yahoo ID is suli_mb. I'm an English teacher and I am very much interested in educational technology, not only to use with students, but also for professional development, as it's the case in this session.


Ester La Torre

My name is Ester La Torre, I live in a small town in the south of Italy, as you can see the initials of my name and surname are ELT (English Language Teacher) so I always say my job was in my name. I teach EFL in a state school, the name of my school is Galilei. My yahoo ID is towerelephant This ID is made up of tower that’s the English translation of my surname and elephant that’s my favourite animal. I’ve enrolled to become a BaWer for the second time because I need to complete last year course and become a real Webhead. I love technology and I believe in the power of internet applied to education.



Susana Araujo

Ola a todos!Hi everybody! I’m Susana Araujo from the North of Portugal. My Yahoo ID is susiearaujo. You can call me Susie, as my friends do! I live in Trofa where I work in two elementary schools. I teach English to children with the ages from 6 to 10 and I’ve also experienced adult teaching. This year I'm co-ordinating the 2nd Group of teachers and I'm also the moderator of our Yahoo Group. I believe in the power of e-tools in education and there are so many I want to learn how to use and share with my students! I hope to share a lot from and with all of you!


Amy Meckelborg

I work at the University of Alberta in Edmonton Canada. My Yahoo ID is amyvmeck. My job is to help faculty and staff in the Faculty of Education to use technology in their teaching, research or administrative activities. In a previous life I was a teacher of ESL to adults. CALL is still my primary area of interest. I am hoping to get up to speed on some of the Web 2.0 features that I have been hearing so much about but haven't taken the time to get any hands on experience with.


Laura Girr

your photo here I'm from Maine, USA. My Yahoo ID is bloque1. I work as a high school technology coordinator and integrator but I am a former Spanish and German teacher. I have always been intrigued by ways technology can be used in teaching. I hope to learn about new tools that will be helpful to the teachers I work with.


Jennifer Kraft

your photo here I live in Cockeysville, MD where I am the Education Technology Facilitator at a high school for students with special needs, ages 14-21. My yahoo ID is teachrtechr . I was previously a preschool teacher for children with special needs, ages three to five years old, in York, PA. While there, I was working on my Master's Degree from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore in Technology for Special Educators. I love to experiment with technology and since learning about the collaborative technologies of Web 2.0 and all of the ways that technology can reach learners different learning styles I have enjoyed finding ways to learn more. I look forward to learning from each and everyone of you.



No photo I live in Nagoya, Japan. My Yahoo! ID is: cutenekko. You can see a picture of my cute cat here--> I work at a Catholic college which prepares students to study at sister universities abroad. I teach a variety of courses and levels, from children to adults. I even teach an ESL Music course! I am interested in learning about computer based learning applications, since many of my students take the TOEFL online test. Personally, I also hope to improve my current computer skills.



Annette Vartha

I live and work in Auckland, New Zealand at a high school in a nearby suburb. My Yahoo ID is: AnnetteHart11. I am the HoD of our ESOL department and teach Year 9 to Year 13 students who are from a large variety of cultures. I am sure using Blogs and Wikis etc with my students will be a great motivator and assist them with their language acquisition.


Jacira Meyerink

I live in New Zealand and teach year 8 students (12-13year olds) at Cambridge Middle School. My classroom is digital which means that each student has his or her own computer. I teach the whole curriculum. I am also the IT Facilitator at our school. My Yahoo id is jacira_meyerink I participated in BAW 2005 and learned a lot. I feel it is time again to update and see what other online tools are available that I can add to my classroom.


Derya Kulavuz-Onal

Derya I live and work in Istanbul, Turkey and my Yahoo ID is kulavuzd. Currently I work as an EFL/ESP instructor at Istanbul Technical University, School of Foreign Languages where I have also responsibilities for coordinating events, doing research and looking for and organizing off-site opportunities for the professional development of the instructors. This is my first time in BAW. I joined the group in order to update my knowledge and practice on how to benefit from internet in English language teaching and teacher development, satisfy my curiosity on what's going on outside my own world, and hopefully make lifelong "professional" friends.



No photo yet Hi everyone, I'm Monica (yahoo ID mveado), from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I've been teaching English to adult students for almost 20 years and nowadays, besides working as a private teacher, I'm also taking my master's degree in Applied Linguistics - my project investigates collaborative writing online. I joined this fantastic group because I think this is a great opportunity to improve my (somewhat limited) knowledge in this area and share my experience with other teachers around the world. I'm looking forward to working with you all!


Vicky Saumell

I live and work in Buenos Aires, Argentina and my Yahoo ID is vickys162000. I'm currently and EFL teacher at secondary level (12-18 year-olds) and I coordinate the English Department of a private school (kinder, primary and secondary levels). I'm really interested in becoming an efficient user of web technologies to use with my students and beyond.



your photo here I'm Hessah Alrouli from Saudi Arabia. My Yahoo ID (& Skype) is alrouli. My interests are computer mediated communication and learner autonomy.I joined this group to learn from the rich experiences of its members and keep me updated in the TECH world.


Carla Raguseo

Greetings from Argentina! I’m an EFL teacher and Computer Lab coordinator at A.R.I.C.A.N.A., a Binational Center in Rosario, Santa Fe. My Yahoo ID is : rosarioeltcarla Last year I took part in BaW06 and it had a tremendous impact in my career. Apart from enhancing my skills in the use of CMC tools, I had the pleasure of meeting Carla Arena, with whom I coordinated an online cultural exchange between EFL students from Brazil and Argentina. Besides, I’ve been using blogs for different purposes with my classes. My greatest challenge has been to create a website for the group of South American teachers who traveled with me to Austin, Texas on a scholarship for EFL teachers: . This year, I’d like to learn about new tools and meet new colleagues to share experiences and collaborate on international projects.


Cheryl Oakes

I live and work in Wells, ME USA I ski in Carrabassett Valley ME My Yahoo ID is CherylOakes50 I am a Collaborative Content Coach for technology in my school district K-12. I work with all students and teachers. I really love sharing new technology tools and ideas. I also blog at I am back for round 2 of Webheads, I am a Webhead from the class of 2006. Enjoy, ask questions, join the conversations!


Amanda Fava-Verde

I live near Reading in the UK and work at the University there. My Yahoo ID is acfavaverde. I teach international students (EAP) on the International Foundation Programme at the University of Reading. Our students are all on-campus, but we use Blackboard to support our courses and I am a keen advocate of blended learning. I joined BAW06 and found it so useful I’m back again –and this time I know what to expect: LOTS of new ideas, a great atmosphere, wonderfully helpful moderators and … caffeine overload! (from late night catching up on all the work. Believe me, BAW is addictive) I’m looking forward to working with you all over the next few weeks.



I am from Brasilia, Brazil.I work in a public language center called CILT as an EFL teacher. My Yahoo ID is marabel73 I have joined this session to learn more about how to integrate technology into my classes and learn with other people


Leanne Mackenzie

Hi! I'm a medical laboratory technologist currently working in a hospital Histology lab in Kamloops, BC Canada. My Yahoo ID is lianadevine In my next life, which starts this summer, I'll be an EFL teacher in Mexico. Though I participated in the past two BaW workshops, there are always new things to learn, to review and to practice. Looking forward to sharing experiences with WebHeads worldwide


Mabel Quiroga

I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I run a face to face and online language school for adults. My yahoo id is mabquiroga Not a single day goes by without my learning something new about educational technology and many, many times thanks to what I read or hear through Webheads. So I'm really looking forward to all the sharing and fun in the next six weeks


Mary Nunaley

I'm originally from Chicago but have lived just north of Nashville, TN, USA for the last 15 years. I work at a community college. My yahoo id is homeschlmom_37138. I am an instructional designer and professor of Hotel and Restaurant Management and I am fascinated by technology and continually strive to learn new and exciting ways to use it. I can't wait for the new Apple iPhone- this will change our way of thinking even more.


Sarah Braxton

I live in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania, U.S. I am a librarian at a rural high school called Juniata Valley High School. We have 350 students in 7th - 12th grades. I think that my my Yahoo ID is jvhslibrarian...I will check. This is my second year as a school librarian. Before this I was working on an MLIS online from the University of Pittsburgh. I am very interested in web 2.0 and finding ways that my students - especially those with special needs - can benefit from specific tools. I plan to become certified to teach ESL through this program beginning in February.


Gaye Proctor

your photo here I work at the College of Applied Sciences in Nizwa in the Sultanate of Oman. My yahoo ID is gayep. I teach general English and IELTS in the Foundation year programme. However, next semester I am also teaching an educational technology course to education students, so I'm hoping you can all help me stay one step ahead of that.


Claudio Fleury

I'm from Brasilia and work at Casa Thomas Jefferson (with Jose Antonio and Ronaldo Jr). My yahoo_Id/skype is claudioctj. I've been teaching EFL for over 15 years and it's really nice to learn something every day. I hope to learn a lot more with you.


Gladys Baya

Gladys I live and work in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My Yahoo ID is gladysbaya I teach English to all ages and levels, and am also a teacher educator (in the area of Methods). I've been "addicted" to BAW since my first time with them (back in 2005). This year I'll be just lurking because I'm also moderating Blogging for Beginners, but you'll hear more from me during week 3, I promise!


Sara Costa

I live in Lima, Peru and work at Colegio Franlin D. Roosevelt. My yahoo ID is scostawonder. I am the middle school Support ESL teacher at this IBO school. I joined BAW group so I can learn more ways in which I can make learning ESL more enticing to my kids.


Cathy Wolinsky

I live in Freeport, Maine, USA. I am an Instructional Technology Integrator in two Elementary schools in Yarmouth, Maine. My Yahoo ID is cathywol I joined this group as I want to expand the options for teachers and students who could connect from Maine and the US with others.


Victor Hugo Corzo

your photo here I live in Lima, Peru,and work in a semi-private secondary school with 630 students called "Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza", my Yahoo is ID: victor_corzo I teach from 1st to 5th grade, each classrom has 45 students as average, so it is very unusual and demanding, I joined this session because I want to prepare new activities for my teens, knowing that they love computers!!!


Angeles Berman Boeta

I live in Cd. del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico. It`s a small island located in the Gulf of Mexico. I work in a public secondary school as an EFL teacher. I've been teaching there for 20 years!!!.My Yahoo ID is angeles_berman I have 10 groups of students aged from 12 to 15 so a lot of work to do all time. I`ve joined this course because I want to learn about becoming a webhead. I love gadgets but I think I'm not using Internet as well as I can do. So ia hope to learn a lot of new things that help my students and me to learn. I`d also like to meet colleagues from diferent parts of the world and share experiences about EFL teaching.


Liza Moore

I live in South Freeport, Maine (hence "Lizasofree" is my yahoo ID). I am the computer coordinator in a small (270 students), public elementary school. As part of my job, I do both technical work (trying to keep the hardware and network running smoothly) and help students and staff use technology tools in the classroom. I joined this class to improve my skills using web tools and to better understand how educators may use these tools to improve teaching and learning in our schools and for our students.


Galina Vassilyeva

I live in Kazakhstan. I work in a High school as an English Teacher. My ID is galina. vassilyeva. I have been supervising the work of ENO program at the school. That is on-line program and I need to know web tools better.



your photo here Hello from Mongolia! My name is Sainbileg, Saina for short. My yahoo ID is I am an English teacher at the School of Economic Studies, National University of Mongolia in Ulaanbaatar. I am excited about joining this online course, because I feel that we need to introduce new, interesting tools in TEFL. I look forward to learning a lot from all our group members to share the knowledge with my colleagues and students!


Sally Thelen

Hello from Buffalo, NY! I am a recent graduate of the M.Ed., TESOL program at SUNY University at Buffalo. In addition to taking Master's courses, I have also spent the past year and a half teaching classes at UB's English Language Institute. Prior to my return to school, I taught ESL in Japan, Brazil and Washington, DC. In March, I will be returning to Japan to teach English at Konan University in Kobe. I joined BaW07 because I want to learn more about intrigrating technology into my teaching.


Johanna Stirling

Hi. I live and work in Norwich in the east of England. Since being made redundant form my teaching job when my school closed in September (Bell Norwich)I have been working freelance. I'm editing interactive whiteboard software, giving teacher development workshops abroad for a publisher and teacher training. Nice not having a boss! I love all this Web 2.0 stuff and wanted some guidance in exploring it.


Chris Waraksa

Seoul, Korea, Samsung Training Center, ESP-Business for Samsung employees, Greetings from Seoul. I'm interested in furthering my skills in web-based applications for teaching and networking with people in the field. I'll be at TESOL to interview for Samsung this year.


Douglas W. Canfield

Yahoo ID: canfieldpuc / Language Resource Center, University of Tennessee I learned about the WebHeads during TESOL's Principles and Practices of Online Teaching Certificate Program, where I met Daf and Tere (excellent instructors, BTW), and I beleive Dennis O. was in a few of the classes. I tried to do BAW06, but I got caught up in the maelstrom of contract negotiations that precipitated my move to Tennessee, and I had to back out. Now that I have that out of my hair, I hope to get really involved this year...I'm amazed at how the technology curve has exploded this past year, and can't wait to see what's in store and to make new friends!

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Vera Bobkova

My yahoo ID is bepa83mania. I am Russian and I used to teach English in Russia, Siberia. I worked with teeagers and adults. Currently I am a Russian Language Assistant in Grinnell College, IA, the USA. I enjoy being a language teacher, because it's not just language that you teach, it's a lot more. As a language assistant I am also a cultural embassador, which is a pretty responsible mission. I love using computers and Internet in my classes and I am always eager to know more about how to do it, that's why I joined this group.


Angelika Carlson

your photo here I am a German national, last year I passed the Trinity Diploma TESOL; so far, I have been teaching in traditional classrooms, at a med. tech. college, a polytechnic I am hoping to find employment at a school which uses e-courses or blended learning. I would also like to teach summer courses in the Middle East....


Lisa Borre

I am a college counselor in Tennessee for a federally-funded TRIO program that assists low-income, first-generation college students. My Yahoo ID is lborre813. Our college is a commuter campus, with mostly non-traditional students who are on campus just to attend classes and rarely have time for any other activities, events, or workshops. We are searching for creative ways to utilize the newest forms of technology for delivery of services (blogs, podcasts, etc.).


Julie Thornton

My Yahoo id is itsaboutenergy, and I am an ESL lecturer at Cal State University Long Beach I joined this session because I believe that technology is moving forward and I need to build my skills in the newest technologies on the internet.


Paula Ferreira Silva

Hi. I'm a Portuguese PhD student from the University of Extremadura, in Spain. Im designing a series of ESP online courses by using the Moodle platform. My Yahoo ID is paula_br_fer. I'm willing to share and learn new experiences and teaching tips with everyone. I love computers and I'm always eager to learn new technological applications.


Karen Taylor

Yahoo ID: katmail68

Washington DC area, USA.

I'm the instructional technology coordinator for an adult ESL school. I maintain my school's website and I'm developing a website for low-level adult ESL students at (click on STUDENTS).

I joined this group because I've heard great things about BAW and that it's a great way to fill in whatever web-gaps one may have... and I have many!

I look forward to learning with all of you.


Ana Rivas

I live & work in Lima. I manage to perform two different but connected jobs in two private universities. My Yahoo ID is marcelanamaria I work for Universidad del Pacífico as a school assessor in the mornings my evenings are enjoyed by teaching EFL to young university students at USIL. Both jobs give me the human touch needed to understand the full scope inside the teaching world. I initially joined this session to keep up-to-date, produce better classes & fulfil my Ss expectations but after reading Gaye’s introduction I must say I shall try to keep ahead of technology.


Mary Hillis

I live and teach EFL near Osaka, Japan. My Yahoo ID is maryehillis I teach a variety of EFL courses for Japanese university students and I joined this session because I love to meet like-minded colleagues and learn new things. After this session is over, I hope to use some of the online tools for personal and professional purposes. I'm looking forward to sharing these experiences with everyone!


Liliana Ferreira

I live and teach EFL in a small village located at the north of Portugal. My yahoo ID is liliclotilde I teach EFL to children from age 6 to 10 years old and I love what I do. This is a totally new experience for me and I joined because I feel a lack in my use of technology and also of my knowledge about it. I feel that joining this group will help me get a different vision of teaching and will certainly help me improve my skills.


Gianina Tello

your photo here I live and work in Lima. My yahoo ID is I work as an elementary teacher in a private school in the mornings and at USIL university as an EFL teacher in the evenings. I joined this session because I want to know how to use these new tools.Also I'm pretty sure they are going to help me to improve my way of teaching and be updated with technology.


José Luis Cabello

I live near Brunete (Madrid) and work at IES Alfonso Moreno in Brunete as an English teacher. My Yahoo ID is joslucabe I am currently working on an investigation project on ICT integration into Secondary Education study programs. Any help or comments would be appreciated( I think teacher collaboration is the key point.



Hi! I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I work at International House. I teach all ages and my sts love using computers as part of the course. I'm looking foward to learning and sharing!


Valda Silva

I live in Taguatinga Brasilia, Brazil. I work in a language Center called CILT. My Yahoo ID is valela47 I am an EFL teacher and I think working with the Internet makes the difference when teaching.


Sharon Betts

I live in Industry, Maine and work as the Educational Technology Coordinator in Turner, Maine yahooID is sbetts0 I have taught at Iran Dokht, a girls' high school in Iran, Dept. of Defense schools in Germany, and public schools in Ohio and Maine. I believe that technology should be a staple, not a privilege. I am always striving to bring my passions, children and technology, together for the betterment of both. I love what I do.


Gary L Harwell

your photo here I work for International House in Jubail, Saudi Arabia I teach a course for our Client,SABIC, called Career Development. In this course we use a Blended Learning Model and I have the students use and evaluate different LMS and other sits for learning. They evaluate the sites for effectiveness and ease of use for the students. I have students who are very smart, well mannered and very open to learning. It's a lot of fun to teach these classes. I came to this group hoping to learn some new things to use with my students.


Perry Christensen

Aloha, I live in Hawaii and work at Brigham Young University - Hawaii Campus. My Yahoo ID is "perryolo". I teach EAP courses and also a technology course to our BA TESOL majors. I joined this session in order for me to keep up with technology. I'm sure I'll pass along what I learn to my students. Oh, sorry about my big picture, I guess I should have paid attention to the email that told how to resize the picture. Finally, I'm also the webmaster for


Marcia Martins

your photo here My hometown is Niteroi a nice city near Rio de Janeiro where I work at the Brazilian Naval Academy. My yahoo ID is marciamartins5 EFL has been part of my life for almost three decades. These days, my job is to coordinate a group of 10 teachers who are responsible for the interactivity with the students of an Online English Course in a Joint Project with Cultura Inglesa Rio.I joined this session to learn more about technology and effective ways to use the various tools that are available for e-learning.


Maru del Campo

I live in Toluca, Mexico which is about an hour from the capital. I work at MMV Multidisciplinary Centre. My yahoo ID is mmvcentro I am Psychologist, with a Master degree in England which enabled me to enter the fascinating world of English Teachers. I have worked in different institutions and along with other friends decided to create our own Institute. The tools presented in this workshop are great to teach in a more involving way, I joined Baw06 not being prepared to spare enough time to the course, this year I am better prepared and looking forward to meet all of you to learn more. One of the fouders will leave town so it becomes important to be able to continue teaching at distance and using this tools will allow us to do so. Thanks for being there. Love!


Clevia Perez

I live in San Cristobal, Venezuela. I teach in an ELT program at Universidad de Los Andes Tachira, my yahoo id is cleviaperez, you can call me Clevia I joined this session because I find very interesting and exciting what can be done with the web to help students become more autonomous learners in a very meaningful way.


Noemi Cavalaro

your photo here I´m a teacher of English as a foreign language in Rosario , Argentina. My yahoo ID is noemicavalaro. I´ve taught English to children , adolescents and adults at different levels for more than ten years now and I´m teaching English to 11-13 year old kids at Normal Nº 1 school at present. It is at this school that we have the opportunity to have computer lab now that´s why I´m eager to know more about new technologies to be applied to language learning. I joined a CALL SIG group five years ago coordinated by Rita Zeinstejer and I´ve learned a lot with her. I ´d like to learn more about ICT to enhance my teaching practice and share it with my students and colleagues.


Susan Murphy

My Yahoo ID is susaninseattle. My Tappedin ID is SusanMM. I recently moved from Maryland to Woodinville, Washington. I have been working in ESL since 1985 in many capacities. In May, I sadly sold my school in Maryland to move west so that my husband could accept a job with Microsoft. I am not working yet, but I am exploring the possibilities in this area and I am very interested in teaching online courses. I was very excited when my friend Nina Liakos suggested that I join this group. I have already learned a lot just getting to this point!


Kristi Newgarden

I'm an ESL teacher and director of the ELI at the University of Connecticut which is in Storrs, CT. My yahoo ID is k888kuri. I've been interested in learning technology for a few years now and have been working unofficially (but soon officially) toward a PhD in Educational Technology. I'd like to become more connected to others in this field and find out what other are doing with technology. It is certainly adding a new dimension to international exchange and it is all very exciting.


Ana Maria Menezes

My name is Ana Maria, I´m an english teacher in Uberlandia, BrazilI love working with computers and am very enthusiastic about learning and trying out new things.I´ve been a member of another community "Learning with Computers" since Aug 2006 and have been using everything I´ve learned with my groups of students mostly in blogs. It´s been great experience!

Rosane Domingos

I´m from Brazil. I´ve lived in Brasília, the capital of the country, for almost 30 years (I was born in Rio de Janeiro). My yahoo ID is tita_rbgd (Tita is my nickname at home and RBGD are the initial letters of my complete name). I´ve been teaching for 21 years. In the beginning I taught Portuguese (as a L1 - grammar and literature) and then, when I finished my English Course, I started teaching English (EFL). I work at a public Language Center (CILT)in the evening and during the day I run a private Language Institute with a group of other teachers - it´s called Ability.So, as you can see I´m in contact with English teaching all day long.(I love it!!!). I´ve enrolled in this course to have more contact with some tools to be used in the classroom to enrich my classes and to spread the idea to other teachers. But I must confess I´m a little scared with so much information!!! I´ll certainly need help!!!


Kağan Sütçü

I'm from Turkıye, I live in İstanbul and I work in a junior high school. I work during the day. I joined this group to hear and know about tools that I can use in my class for my students who are very intereseted in internet related activities.


Evelyn Izquierdo

Hi everyone! I'm from Caracas-Venezuela. I'm an ESP teacher at Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), one of the largest public universities of my country. My Yahoo ID is izquierdo_evelyn I teach Reading Comprehension to undergraduate students at the School of Education and Course Design to graduate students at the ESL master's program of the Humanities Faculty. I joined Baw05 and Baw06 worshops, however I still consider myself a newbie in the ICT field. I joined Baw07 because I want to learn more about ICT tools and practice what I couldn't in the previous workshops.

Andrea Giordano

I am Andrea Giordano but you can also find me as An Kaya. I worked for many years at high schools near San Miguel, Buenos Aires, Argentina, till I decided to start my own adventure and opened my language institute, New Educational Center. My Yahoo ID is infonewcenter I belong to another online community "Learning with computers" and Gladys, Claudia, Carla and Erika transmitted me the curiosity to learn more about Internet and its tools.I'm really happy of the nice people I met and all the progress all of us are doing together


Ibrahim Rustamov

Salom aleikum! I am from Isfara, a small town in the northern part of Tajikistan. I was a teacher of English and Persian languages at secondary school. I am also ILC(Internet Learning Center) manager. My yahoo ID is ibrahim_rustamov I joined to BaW2006 and since then I enjoy it having lots of friends from around the world learning and sharing our discoveries of Web tools


JoAnn Salvisberg

Hello from Switzerland. I’m a native Texan EFL teacher/trainer currently teaching business communication college students and primary and secondary teachers who want to improve their English proficiency to CAE level.

My Yahoo ID is jotex54

Most of my business students are more proficient in IT skills than I am, but they don’t use them at the moment for English learning. My teachers are either still getting used to using the internet and email, and/or they don’t want to go online at the end of a long teaching day. I am hear to soak up as much of the new technology as I can and contribute as a member of an online community. Apologies for the late start, but I'll try to catch up and hope the saying Better late than never'' is true!!


Ronaldo Lima, Jr.

I was born and live in the capital of Brazil, Brasilia. I work as an EFL teacher and currently work at the Casa Thomas Jefferson. My yahoo ID is teacher_ronaldo and my skype ID is ronaldo.lima.junior I work with my school's site team - a group of teachers in charge of the content of our website, and I'm taking Baw07 following my colleagues' (Carla Arena and Erika Cruvinel's) suggestions


Isabel Neves

I am a Portuguese teacher of English for over 22 years and I work in a secondary state school in Benavente, in Ribatejo, 40 km far from Lisbon, the capital. I am very much interested in learning to use computer skills efficiently in my teaching practice because I believe that can add to motivation and pleasure in learning and teaching. I am currently working on the Moodle platform of my school and have done some work.