Personal Goals for BAW07


Personal goals for BaW-07



Here is a space where BaW07 participants may add their personal goals for this course (if you wish) and revisit as goals change or are achieved:



Penny Lundquist


Nina Liakos (Maryland, USA)


Daf (Caracas, Venezuela)


  1. to help participants to achieve their goals
  2. to learn with and from participants
  3. to get new friends from all over the world

Two of my wikis:


Teresa (Lisbon, Portugal)


  1. to give our moderators and co-moderators the chance for additional or first-time experience at e-moderation
  2. to give participants "wings to fly" in this wonderful online world
  3. to keep learning: it's a lifelong process!
  4. to make new friends in all corners of the world!


A course wiki with Daf


My two student blogs



Margaret (proteacher)Texas

My goals are:

1. Learn to use Wiki's so I can incorporate them into my classes.

2. Learn to use the blogs

3. Learn to use SKYPE

4. Most Importantly make new friends around the world.


D. Oliver (Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.)


  1. to expand my network of friends and colleagues
  2. to explore new e-tools and gain practice in using them
  3. to expand my skill level with e-tools I have used or currently use
  4. to do my part in making our time together truly collaborative
  5. to add to what I have already learned about CMC
  6. to help others whenever I can


Ehsan Amini (Tehran, Iran)


Primary Goals

  1. Exploring the wonderful new possibilities that the Internet offers for teaching by:
    1. Learning how to create, edit, and develop WIKI pages
    2. Learning to work with weblogs, Yahoo groups, Chat, Voice & Video Conferencing, etc.
    3. Learning about e-tools such as Tapped In, Web Tools, etc.
  2. Getting ideas to use on my own website Tehran English

More Primary Goals -- couldn't really call them secondary :)



Nina Lyulkun (Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine)


  1. to improve my knowledge in
    1. using different web tools for teaching and learning EFL,
    2. interacting through voice chat, voice e-mail,
    3. creating web pages and blogs as well as using wiki for TESOL-Ukraine association and my classes of course,
  2. and definitely to make friends around the world to collaborate in the future... and many more...


Sheryl Sherwin (Washington DC)

*to be a little more adventurous in learning about what's on the Web

*to learn about blogs in a way that I can use with my students in class

*to learn a little more about synchronous chatting

*to learn about contributing to wikis


Monica (Belo Horizonte, Brazil)



Vera Bobkova (Siberia, Russia, currently Grinnell College, IA, USA)

  1. to become a better teacher by


  1. impress my college IT consultant :) (but this is minor)


Perry Christensen (Laie, Hawaii)

  1. practice, practice, practice



Cheryl Oakes


Sharon Betts


Ana Rivas (Lima, Peru)


Ester La Torre (Italy)