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on January 13, 2007 at 10:00:10 pm

Time to Play and Learn!!!





If you are game, let's start exploring what you can do with Pbwiki!



Your Tasks


Create your own page


  • Two easy ways:



  1. Use CamelCase. You can type a word with SeveralCapitalLetters (or even type NewPage), which will automatically create a link to that page! A dashed underline means the page doesn't exist yet, or....

  2. Use brackets. You can put [] around any word to create a new page. For example, if you wanted a page named cars, you could just type [cars].
  3. Give your page a name, and save it.

Great :-), now you are ready to add content to your page!!!


Add an image to your page


Upload a file


Create a table wiki style


Create a table of content


Check out the Pbwiki tutorials where you will find all the instructions for the activities above





I'm sooo proud of beeing a tiny and modest part of this great event! You are doing such a splendid job and I'm eager to participate. Beeing a comod 2007, too, I don't really feel confident with my tasks.... what can I do to ease your work load. Dennis, you are absolutely magnificent!!!

This beeing our playground, I feel free to express myself... *lol* //Chrissan

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