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Tools I Use

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 8 months ago

I was so impressed with some of the great postings from everyone. I guess I will try to document some of the tools that I use.

Skype - of course

Google Reader - to keep track of as much of the educational happenings as I can



I like the new front pages and use Protopage to try to help organize myself.



My mp3 recorder bit the dust and I am shopping - any advice? Podomatic is the choice for podcasting - although I have been pretty lax on that.



Slide - Bubble Share : there are so many images programs. I use a basic Sony digital camera and manage to nab the school camcorder when it is free.


I have managed to record a Skype call using Pamela - but have still not mastered a Skypecast using Audacity. Thanks for the posts on that - I will work on it.


I like CamStudio for recording voice and screen when composing trainings - anyone used that?


Overall I try not to adopt anything that would cost the user funds - I teach teachers and they can not be expected to purchase hardware. OpenSource - yippee.

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