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Tools used by Participants





Share with us your blogs, wikis, recordings, videos and any other of your creations during this session




Ronaldo's blog testing Baw07 tools

Mônica's (Brazil) blog to be used with her students in her project about film reviews

Fun English 4 Kids Blog Susana's (Portugal) second blog: for elementary students of English

Business English 4 U Susana's (Portugal) first blog: for a Business English adults' class

English Teaching Lab

ESL Superblog

Laboratorio de Idiomas en Secundaria

Getting to know Brazil

Jose's most recent blog

Nagora's blog

Jose's oldest blog

Sharon's Blogger Blog

Computer Lab Sandbox by Carla R. a brand-new team blog to be shared with my Computer Lab colleagues

Nina's newest class blog

Feel free to click on student blogs in the sidebar and post a comment!

http://san.motime.com/">Bilingual Babble A collaborative blog on raising bilingual children

Amy's first blog An upcoming holiday in Greece

A special blog for Seminario San Agustin

Hala Fawzi's Class Blog.The first blog in Sudan to be used with university students as part of a blended English language learning/teaching course

Students of English at ICAB Nelba's Blog: The beautiful city of La Plata

Argentine Culture Mabel's blog on Mate

Tools of the Trade Sharon Betts blog: Tools of the Trade

Angeles in Bloggerland Angeles' blog on blogger.com.

Happy Birthday! D. Oliver's birthday blog for Carla Arena

'Scuze me? D. Oliver's experimental audioblog on "relaxed" pronunciation

Maru's First Blog Maru's First Blog

English at CEC Kari's Blog for students wishing to improve and build skills

Julia's students' podcast


José's Pbwiki

José's New wiki

nagora's wiki

Sharon's wiki website

Vera's wiki for teaching Russian

Vera's new wiki for teaching teachers. I really like it!


Angeles' multiply.com :)

I made this site inspired by Nina, who shows her at the group :)

Angeles' first wiki

It looks like the perfect tool for me in that moment. I notice I have to work hard on it :)

Nina's reading wiki

I post questions and other stuff about the book my class is reading. They post their responses and can also post questions if they didn't understand something. I hope to add pictures later.

ESL for Migrants Wiki Mary H began this wiki to collect resources related to ESL teaching for Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers

Susan Ryan's Page for teaching English pronunciation

Vicky Saumell's wiki about her school activities

Tello and Ana Rivas developing writing skills

Valentine's Day Sarah's First wiki on Valentine's day

Maru's Playground Maru's First Wiki

Primary English Teachers Wiki Susana's (Portugal) first Wiki to work with her work colleagues

English Teachers Wiki Kari's first wiki for teachers and colleagues

Voice recording

First Springdoo Horacio wishing Happy Birthday to Moira, 18.01.07

Sharon's vodcast using CamStudio

Jose's first podomatic episode

Greetings from Ana Rivas

D. Oliver's first audio post (.mp3 via Audacity) on 'Scuze me?

D. Oliver's audio comments page (via MobaTalk/MyChingo)

Thead on Stereotypes Ronaldo's Chinswing Discussion Thread on Stereotypes

Tongue Twisters 4 Kids Susana's (Portugal) Chinswing Discussion share on tongue twisters for children

Video recording

Derya's first video record experience

Moira's 1st invitation to Gabmail

Angeles using Gabmail after Moira's invitation

Survive Susana's video





Vicky's first experience with Zimmer Twins Movie Creator


Vera's first experient with Zimmer Twins Movie Creator

The 'movie' is called Our Course


Mary N's first experiment with Zimmer Twins Movie Creator

The "movie" is a birthday greeting for my friend Rick's 50th birthday


Nina AL's first attempt to create a movie

Just an attempt, but the idea of using this tool was born. ;-)



Sarah B's Skype call with Dafne using voice, webcam and screenshot



Sharon B's protopage for BAW07

and her Toolbar via-- Conduit.com

Vicky Saumell's personal protopage

Vicky Saumell's school protopage

My adventures with e-toys Susana's (Portugal) Multiply page



Ronaldo's survey about Brazil

Academy Awards Monica Veado's Academy Award's Survey



Ronaldo's funny Acronyms quiz

Ronaldo's first Hot Potatoes quiz

Ronaldo's quiz using Proprofs

Quia with sound Ronaldo's Quiz

Today's presentation Sharon's quiz with Script-O!

Computer Parts -Quia with pictures and sound by Carla Raguseo

Carnival celebrations around the world Web Woksheet Wizard by Susana Araújo, Portugal

Hot Potatoes MCh by Susana Araújo, Portugal

Script-0! Reading exercise by Susana Araújo, Portugal

Hot Potatoes crossword by Susana Araújo, Portugal


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